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Following the great appeal of the 2015 Exhibition, which made the Club known to the general public of Larissa and in close collaboration with the Department of Culture and Sciences of the Municipality of Larissa, the Static Modeling Club of Larisa has been organizing seminars for novice children modelers since September 2016. The trainers at these seminars are members of the Club. The lessons are held in a specially designed room based on “the Mill of Pappas” that was given by the Municipality of Larissa. 

The next objective of the Static modeling club of Larissa is to conduct seminars on active modelers, whether they are members of the Association or not, with the presentation of modeling techniques by members of the Club. This action will take place in parallel with the very successful seminars for children.




The workshops are conducted in “the Mill of Pappas” area (Dionysou 13, Larissa 414 47).


Children class: From Saturday 14/10/2017 and every Saturday at 12: 00-15: 00.
Adult class: From Thursday 19/10/2017 and every Thursday at 19: 00-20:00.

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